Transformational Retreat for Leaders 


 Get out of your head & drop into your heart and experience better relationships

 October, Bali, Indonesia 

Deepen your Intuition

Improve your Focus

Improve your Relationships

You're an accomplished leader. 

✅You're proud of your career

✅You work hard for it, but it’s rewarding 

✅Seeing your employees do well excites you and makes you feel proud

✅Your relationship isn’t as juicy as it was in the beginning, but you’ve accepted that it’s this phase of life 

✅You exercise mainly to clear your head and keep your body fit

✅Your social life is not busy but enjoyable. You cherish spending time with a few dear friends

On paper, everything seems to be just great

Yet, something doesn't feel quite right.


🌱Opening up to people feels difficult and uncomfortable at times

🌱You feel a sense of carrying the load, perhaps sometimes lonely

🌱You don't want to become a copy of your parents

🌱You're a rational human being but are you focused on the things that really matter?

🌱You sense there's another layer to life and you're eager to access it but how?

You want to really connect with your partner, loved ones and employees

Connected Leaders

⭐️Have high levels of self-awareness: in the moment they connect with their own emotions & intuition

⭐️Are humans first, being an executive, partner, parent, etc are just roles ​

⭐️Are not afraid to be vulnerable in the workplace and at home

⭐️Understand that trust is the basis of any relationship and it starts by them giving trust 

⭐️Elevate all people they engage with to be the best version of themselves


You have this in you. The only person blocking this is you.

Trust us, we get it. We get you.

Opening up feels uncomfortable for unfulfilled leaders. 

We believe every single person has the superpowers to be a Connected Leader.

What they have in common is that they frequently take a moment to slow down and turn inwards.

This is easier when you're away from your daily routines. 


🍀Join us for one week on the magical island of Bali on a transformation retreat for leaders 

🍀We invite you to explore and connect with yourself in ways you never thought possible.

🍀Together with 5 peers just like you: people in high-pressure positions who want to access a different layer of themselves so they can step into the Connected Leader inside.

🍀 A retreat full of experiences to connect with the real, authentic you to create more meaningful relationships with your employees and loved ones. 

Step into living a more enriched and fulfilled life as a Connected Leader 

Bart van Bijnen

In the last couple of years, I noticed that I was living mainly from my head. I find it difficult to open up to people and tell them about my feelings. It is hard for me to really connect as I have never learned how to express my feelings. For a while I wanted to change this, but how?


Then I met Rianne and she told me about the idea of organizing a retreat on Bali for executives. I was hooked. I want to explore how I can re-establish the connection between my head and heart. I want to learn how to better express my feelings and I loved the idea where I allow myself to leave the day-to-day behind for a week and create new experiences with fellow peers. 


Having this week in Bali made the decision even more easy. I have been in Bali several times and the island is one of my favourite places in the world. The nature is stunning, people are lovely, food is amazing and the hotels are outstanding. A week to recharge, bring me back in tune with myself and unwind in a beautiful scenery.

Your 4 Step Plan to Transformation

Book your Ticket to Bali

Surrender to the Journey

Transform your Life

I want to Join

About Rianne

Working as a Corporate Executive and Entrepreneur myself, back in 2016,

I felt I needed a change as I felt uninspired with the life path I was on.

I left The Netherlands and traveled to Australia and Bali. ​

In Bali, I experienced a 2 year-long personal transformational journey and discovered how much I lived inside my head and how much I had ignored my heart and intuition.

Diving into all the different practices I experienced massive breakthroughs. ​

I truly came back as a different woman.


More open, connected, peaceful. Stress is a thing of the past. Joy is what drives me.

My business & private relationships elevated to a level I never knew was possible

I am so excited to share all of my practices and teachers with you, my peers so you can also experience a more enriched life. 

What to expect

The moment you land in Bali on Saturday evening, we'll completely take care of you: transport, beautiful stay in stunning villas and enjoy the most amazing healthy foods. 

Every day we’ll have a program for you, it’s completely voluntary. You get to join all or none of the activities. The bigger the participation, the bigger the transformation.​

Daily sessions include:​

✨Morning Intuitive Workshops: learn how to listen to your intuitive whisper

✨Transformational Workshops: awareness & interpretation of your stories

✨Superpower Workshops: discover your personal superpowers and how to apply them at work and home

✨Intention & Attention workshops: what are you actually focusing on?

✨Joy workshops: learn how to amplify Joy for yourself and others


Rianne is your main facilitator but will bring you to her teachers and mentors every single day for specific guidance.

Day 4 (Wednesday) we’ll take you from Central Bali, (Ubud) to East Bali where we’ll spend the last 3 nights in a gorgeous villa. Here you’ll get to relax and integrate all the work you’ve done whilst enjoying the true and authentic Bali. 

Receive private coaching from Rianne on the themes that showed themselves earlier in the week. 


Enjoy tropical beaches, local culture, water temples, and phenomenal massages. ​


We’ll finish on Saturday afternoon and we’ll guide you back to the airport for your flight home. 

I want to Join

The Choice is Yours

❌Continue on the rational path you're on and feel less connected to the people around you?

❌Live a good but less fulfilled life and career whilst knowing there's more in life?

❌Keep a go-go-go mentality to then find out later that life passed you by?

Staying where you are is a Choice just as much as deciding to take action is a Choice. 

What do you choose?

Your Investment

The investment in yourself for this full week is: €4.997,-  ​

This includes​

 ✅Transport from & to the airport with private driver​

 ✅7 nights in a luxurious villa/hotel​

 ✅All meals, snacks, and drinks. ​

 ✅All guided workshops ​

 ✅All entrance fees to outside activities​

 ✅Your own motorbike to drive around Ubud and East Bali.​

You arrange your own flight to Bali.  ​

Deposit: € 1.497 to be paid upon booking. Full Payment due 30 days before start Retreat

If you need support in justifying this investment with your management, please message me at We have a complete information pack available and can adjust this to your circumstances. 

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spots left!

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October| Bali, Indonesia 

Discover unexplored parts of yourself

 Feel more relaxed, inner peace, less “I should” and more “I want” ​

 Trust your intuition 

 Your ability to connect with people evolves to a whole new level

 At work and home


Become a Connected Leader. 


Rianne Klein Geltink, 2020
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